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DUO Sensor from A2Z Imaging!

DUO Sensor- Size 1

MSRP: $6,495

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DUO Sensor- Size 2

MSRP: $6,995

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This next-generation sensor delivers

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2-year Warranty:

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Here's Why Dentists Everywhere are Raving about the DUO Sensor

Works with your software:

DUO Sensors involve a simple setup, and work either natively or via TWAIN with most major software brands, including Dentrix Ascend, Carestream, Dexis, Eaglesoft and more.

Crystal Clear Images:

Within the durable casing of the DUO Sensor is our Advanced CMOS Technology, which utilizes state of the art coupling technology and provides highly detailed images. The sleek scintillating material allows for the sensor to have a thin profile, and produces the most effective light conversion and overall image capture in the market today.

Designed Around Patient Comfort:

Available in two sizes, DUO1 and DUO2, every patient from small child to large adult will enjoy a comfortable experience during their x-ray procedure. Smooth contoured edging allows for optimal placement and feel.

X-ray, Your Way.

The new DUO Wireless-Ready Sensor delivers unparalleled image quality whether using handheld or mounted X-rays, and whether direct-connected or wireless.*

With the new QuickSwap™ Replaceable Cable, the sensor head and initial cable is protected, while the daily wear and tear on the sensor wire becomes a worry of the past; If the 1.5m cable extension or USB end become damaged, quickly snap in a replacement without spending hundreds or even thousands in costly repair and replacement expenses.

Simply detach the QuickSwap™ Replaceable Cable and you are ready to connect with Air2Zed and use your sensor wirelessly.

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DUO Sensor Size 1: $6,495 - $4,495

DUO Sensor Size 2: $6,995 - $4,995


The World's First

Wireless-Ready Sensor

Smarter Dentistry Begins with Smarter Technology

Wireless-Ready Sensor

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